How long for PageRank?

When it comes to pagerank most webdesigners and seo specialist claim to be pagerank specialists. We actually only know very little about how google calculates the pagerank assigned to your site. However google gives several tips on how to increase your pagerank.

The first is obviously content, google claims keep quality content posted on your site and your pagerank will increase naturally. The best way to do this is pick a topic you know a decent amount about (or a topic relevent to your website) and keep new content up regularly.

Another tip google offers is to follow the design guidelines listed in the google webmaster central blog. Following these rules can allow google to know your site is a quality site and not a mass produced spam site.

Google does not deny the importance of one way links and external links. Google assigns a rank to all sites on the internet and the higher rank of sites linking to your site will increase your pagerank. It is also important that you keep the number of external links relatively low because those can reduce your pagerank.

So how long does it take google? Google releases no information on how often the page ranks are updated. However it is estimated that they do this every 80 – 140 days. Don’t be impatient just follow these guidelines and you’ll have high pr sooner than later.

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